Venezuela and the World – 2.

Venezuela and the World – 2 – short reflection

Judging compromises with the opposing class, or retreat before it in a battle situation, requires a close to precise understanding of the balance of forces; the capacities from all angles of the opposing sides, even as they change from moment to moment. Even those participating in the struggle engage in debate and battle over those judgments. It is incumbent on those watching from a distance, and whose own judgment in such battles has not been properly tested and proven, to show some humility and caution. If there are millions in struggle for a better life, in conflict with the capitalist order, and that struggle comes under attack and its continued existence threatened, the responsibility is to be actively in solidarity with those millions. Even more so if one’s own state is supporting an attack on that struggle. It is the right of those in struggle to correct and perfect their movement, its program and leadership as they move forward.

Help defend their capacity to move forward!

Max Lane

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