The Bernie Sanders campaign and building the movement for socialism in the US

Since the dissolution of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in the United States, the largest group attempting to build a far left cadre type organisation is the Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL). It is, of course, very much smaller than an organisation such as Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is being built on a different basis. Many will be more familiar with the ideas and activities of the DSA than the PSL. The DSA is making an impact into mainstream politics and is thus reported on a range of news websites. A website such as Jacobin also gives space and discusses the politics of the DSA.

International Notebook is re-posting this assessment of contemporary U.S. electoral politics by the PSL as an interesting analysis reflecting the views of a small but very active cadre oriented far left party in the U.S.

The Bernie Sanders campaign and building the movement for socialism in the US

by Brian Becker

The Democratic Party establishment and the major capitalist-owned media have been waging a low intensity war against the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign for the past year and it is not working too well. Now these attacks are escalating. If Sanders continues to succeed, the floodgate of scurrilous and demonizing assaults will open, just as happened to Jeremy Corbyn in Britain.

For the past 12 months, almost all of the ruling class centers of power have been arguing that Sanders is a socialist and thus “too left”; that his medical reforms “are too expensive” and will break the bank; that he “can’t beat Trump”; or, in the aftermath of his heart attack, that he is not “healthy enough,” which goes along well with the mantra that he is “too old.”  At the last debate CNN and Elizabeth Warren conspired to set up Sanders as “sexist,” yet another argument to add to the list. These attacks on Sanders have not worked.

What’s the real reason the ruling class is so alarmed? 

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