Indonesia – Movement Documents: Where to now after the enactment of the Omnibus Law?

Indonesian Movement Documents: No 1, 2020

RED ANT hopes to be able to publish English language translations of interesting statements and analysis produced by progressive movement organisations in Indonesia. Publication of such documents does not constitute an endorsement by RED ANT, except if so expressed. As a progressive movement grows in Indonesia, there will be more discussions and analysis. As this is likely to develop unevenly in current conditions, it will mean that documents that are published by RED ANT will also reflect that unevenness, especially in terms of the range of material we can make available. In some cases, we will publish the whole text of the document, in other cases, we will provide a link to the document on another site.

Where to now after the enactment of the Omnibus Law?

Arah Juang newspaper – October 12, 2020

By Dipo Negoro and Leon Kastayudha – The Draft Omnibus Law on Job Creation was finally enacted into law by the House of Representatives (DPR) on October 5. The enactment went ahead in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and widespread opposition from the working class movement and ordinary people over the continued attacks by the bourgeois class against democracy and the ordinary people’s rights.

This situation reinforces the Marxist analysis that the state is a tool of oppression by the ruling class and maintains, pursues and defends the economic and political interests of the ruling class. Thus the Omnibus Law is no more than the formal expression of the wishes of the ruling class which are manifested in laws that apply to all. These wishes of the bourgeois class are determined by its interest in exploiting the working class for the sake of accumulating capital.

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