Get Involved with RED ANT

RED ANT is published by a small group of friends and comrades who share a perspective of democratic socialism and internationalist Marxism. We list at the end of this post a series of articles that set out some of this perspective as well as documents from which this perspective originates.

Being a small group at this time, we are mostly focussed on writing for RED ANT and distributing what we publish through social media. We would like to be able to do much more than we are able at the moment. That is only possible if there are more people who share this perspective and want to get involved in the project. We need to cover more topics on the RED ANT blog. We need to be able to distribute articles on more social media platforms. Eventually we would like to have enough people involved so that we could support and help to the best of our ability in pushing forward important social movements as well as raising our perspective in those arenas.  And, certainly, a fundamental part of our perspective is that eventually we can go beyond being a group of friend-comrades working together to being a formal organisation.

The immediate priority is expanding the content of RED ANT blog and extending its presence on more social media platforms. This includes the ambition of producing podcasts and hosting live discussions, at first via the internet. Later, of course, we hope to organise face to face discussions.

If you have read articles on RED ANT and feel that you are on the same wavelength or close enough to it, then contact us by email at – we can make arrangements for a chat over coffee. If lockdowns or distance prevents this, we can organise a chat over zoom.

The perspective we advocate cannot gain sufficient active adherents to make a difference in Australia if there are not more of us involved in this “start-up” period. Be a part of this socialist start-up endeavour. 

Get involved with RED ANT now! We are waiting to hear from you.

We draw our ideas from our experiences in the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) as it existed before 2007, and from the experience of being involved in the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) for the few years it existed after that. You may also be interested in reading the Program of the Democratic Socialist Party as a historical document and other historical materials from the DSP and RSP.

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