NEW Marxist Classics Discussion and Podcast Series

Red Ant is excited to announce our coming discussion and podcast series on core classical Marxists texts.

The series will introduce basic classical Marxist ideas to people newly engaging with Marxism. It also aims to engage participants with more background knowledge of Marxist ideas and to discuss the relevance of Marxist theory and ideas for today’s world.

Part one of the series includes:
The Communist Manifesto (Marx and Engels)
Wage Labour & Capital (Marx)
Socialism: Utopian & Scientific (Engels)
Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (Engels)
Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism (Lenin).

The series has two aspects. First is a reading and discussion group which meets fortnightly on Zoom to discuss the texts. This is open to any RED ANT supporters wishing to participate.

The second is a monthly podcast on the same works. The podcast will be presented by some of the participants. The discussion group is informal and is not recorded.

Listeners to the podcast can also read the same materials under discussion. All readings are AVAILABLE HERE.

Red Ant readers wishing to join the discussion group should email for more information.

The discussion series will start in March 2022 and new participants are welcome to join at any time.

EDIT: the proposed podcast series has been delayed for a short while.

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