Solidarity Message to Red Ant from Partido Manggagawa (Labor Party – Philippines)

We send our militant greetings of solidarity to Red Ant’s formal founding and the holding of the Peace and Liberation Socialist Education Conference in Sydney.

The formation of Red Ant as an organization is a welcome development to advance of the struggle for socialism and anti-imperialism in Australia. We look forward to collaboration especially in fostering international solidarity and cooperation among progressive organizations.

We understand that the challenges for Red Ant specifically and the socialist movement in Australia generally are immense. Red Ant is starting out as a small group although it has already grown significantly. We hope the organization progresses even further in the coming years.

The difficulties faced by socialist groups everywhere are easy to see. The working-class movement is in retreat almost everywhere as the neoliberal offensive has proceeded apace.

Authoritarian governments are rolling back gains in civil liberties in both imperialist and oppressed countries. Yet the crisis of capitalism and the reality of imperialist wars open up possibilities for advance, including to conscienticize new layers of workers and youth.

In the Philippines, the decisive electoral victory of the son of the former dictator Marcos and the daughter of the butcher Duterte mean a deepening and consolidation of the turn to authoritarianism. This comes amidst a long downturn in mass struggles and the erstwhile powerful progressive movement.

Despite being embedded in trade unions, community organizations and other mass organizations, Partido Manggagawa is similarly situated as Red Ant in terms of the enormity of the tasks ahead of us and the demanding circumstances we face as socialist organizations.

Thus, we extend the hand of solidarity and cooperation as building links among progressive and socialist groups in the Asia-Pacific and the world enables our common struggle for peace and liberation.

Partido Manggagawa
National Executive Committee

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