Solidarity Message to Red Ant from Perserikatan Sosialis/Socialists Union in Indonesia

Red Salute!

From Indonesia, we send our deepest regards to our comrades in Red Ant (RA) who are holding the “For Peace and Liberation: A Socialist Education Conference” in August. Under the spirit of proletarian internationalism and international solidarity for the oppressed, we view it as tremendously important to apply and revitalise Leninist theories in the current context of both class struggle and the broader fight against oppression, including anti-imperialist struggle.

We acknowledge and deeply respect that Red Ant preserves and expands the revolutionary politics and Marxist theories of the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) and Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP).

For Perserikatan Socialists (PS)/Socialists Union in Indonesia, the writings of John Percy, Doug Lorimer, Max Lane, and many others, have been immensely enlightening. For Bintang Nusantara/The Star over The Archipelago — the official publication wing of PS — many writings from the DSP/RSP have been published, discussed, and used in organising in Indonesia both by PS itself and by Organisasi Kaum Muda Sosialis (OKMS)/Socialist Youth Organization that it helps to organise.

More recent and contemporary writings of DSP/RSP/RA are also critical and valuable for us, from Sam King’s analysis debunking the myth of China as an imperialist country, to numerous Red Ant articles that are exposing the role of fascists and US Imperialists in the Ukraine-Russia war — without falling into supporting Vladimir Putin.

We also deeply thank the comrades in RA, or comrades in cooperation in RA, for translating and spreading some of our articles in Arah Juang/The Struggle’s Direction — PS’s official newspaper and website, into English. Recently we were also invited to RA’s online discussion on a various range of topics, including classics reading group on Lenin’s Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism to more contemporary ones such as the Ukraine-Russia war and abortion issue.

We have tried, and will keep on trying our best, to participate and contribute to these discussions despite our limitations and language barriers. These online discussions and reading groups are highly valuable. They are informative in their content and enriching in their debate/discussion, while also bringing together various activists/Marxists from various organizations/countries.

It would be tremendously wonderful that one day it could also cover topics such as ongoing class/people’s struggle in (semi) capitalist peripheral countries, anti-imperialist issues/movements, women’s movements both in developed countries and third world countries, anti-fascism/anti-racism, and others, with speakers/participants from (Southeast) Asia, Oceania, and beyond. Hopefully, not only can we learn much and more from it, but also will be able to take notes or report and translate it into Indonesian, so more comrades could access and comprehend it from here as well.

We wish you success for your conference. We will direct our Indonesian contacts in Australia to participate in it, and we hope that our cooperation can continue.

For revolutionary anti-imperialism!
Long live proletarian internationalism and solidarity of the oppressed!
Long live socialism!

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