Solidarity Message to Red Ant from PEMBEBASAN

Dear comrades,

We, from PEMBEBASAN, congratulate and show solidarity for your first national meeting, For Peace and Liberation: A Socialist Education Conference.

Even though we are in different countries—one an imperialist country and another a poor country, an imperialist collaborator—we have the same main enemy: imperialism.

The struggle against this system it impossible without the interconnectedness of socialist movements from countries in various parts of the world. And what you have said is true, the first stage of the struggle is to understand how the system works so that we understand it and have effective counter-measures.

We really support your conference and we are very happy to hear about it. Hopefully this event will be a step forward to strengthen the anti-imperialist struggle at the regional level in particular and at the global level in general.

We shall overcome! Venceremos!

Datu Gozali
Chairperson of PEMBEBASAN

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