Solidarity Message to Red Ant from Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, Asia and Pacific Division

Dear friends,

We extend our revolutionary message to all the members and leaders of the organization RED ANT: “Anti-imperialism, Revolutionary Struggle and Social Change” for holding its founding meeting and Conference of Socialist Education for Peace and Liberation in Sydney, Australia, this August 2022.

We value the formation of this group for political education and debate, which promotes Marxism and anti-imperialism in the midst of a global context that attempts to de-legitimize and misrepresent these precepts, with the intention of undermining the development and well-being of the working class.

These circumstances demand from all of us a greater articulation to promote research and social communication projects in defense of humanism and social justice. A nation that develops politically, understands better and better the social problems, economic problems and international problems.

From Cuba, we are convinced that Marxist thought is key to the construction of the socialist model, as well as a useful instrument for the interpretation, design, implementation and evaluation of problems and their solutions, in a dialectical manner. This is our main guide to carry out our process of updating the Cuban economic and social development model that will allow us to achieve the highest possible social justice.

However, the more unsubmissive, the more decolonized, and the more we communists group together to provide solutions to the main and most serious problems of humanity, the more aggressive are the campaigns against all those nations who questioned the status quo.

The imperialist strategy is to intensify unilateral sanctions as an instrument of economic asphyxiation, accompanied by media intoxication, the production of fabricated or fake news, and political manipulation on the various digital platforms.

Their objective, to avoid the collapse of capitalism, and to prevent by all means that Socialism proves its possibilities, potential and viability.

We express our concern about the future of humanity that is endangered by the inability of the capitalist system to curb and finally eliminate drug trafficking, racism, violence, discrimination, unsustainable consumption paradigms that increasingly degrade our planet, terrorism in all its forms, and the arms race that puts humanity on the edge of the abyss.

RED ANT will contribute to the responsible debate on these complex problems that imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism have accumulated in the world.

ICAP raises its voice for PEACE, through cooperation, mutual respect and solidarity under the legacy of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro who warned us and encouraged us: “If never before have the dangers been so great, also never before has our strength been so great”

Embracing friendship,

Asia and Pacific Division
Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples

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