Red Ant is for anti-imperialist Marxism

Why “Red Ant”?
Ants are collective organisers. Their cooperation achieves a strength far greater than the weight of any individual. They are also unforgiving fighters with a fearsome bite.

What is Red Ant?
Red Ant is for anti-imperialist Marxism.

Red Ant holds that capitalism is a failed system.

What are the origins of the people behind Red Ant?
Our History: https://red-ant.org/our-history/

In an imperialist country like Australia a revolutionary movement must be anti-imperialist. Anti-imperialism is not only about supporting struggles overseas. That is crucial – both for those struggles and raising consciousness here. However, the system of global exploitation by the rich, imperialist countries also works to co-opt and soften the fighting instincts of workers inside the better off societies. That is the key reason why socialist revolution has not been victorious already. This entire system of imperialist oppression, exploitation and privilege must be understood and challenged by the working class for it to develop a revolutionary perspective.

The outlook of articles published to Red Ant is inspired by the politics of the Democratic Socialist Party (1972-2005) and Revolutionary Socialist Party (2007-2013).

The DSP-RSP current originally emerged out of the youth radicalisation in Australia in the late 1960s. By the 1990s it was the largest revolutionary socialist current in Australia. The collective thinking and action over this whole period represents a rich and unique tradition with valuable lessons for today. However, neither the DSP nor the RSP exist any longer. Nor are their perspectives advanced by any of the current socialist groups in Australia or elsewhere. This absence leaves a large hole on the left political scene in Australia. 

Meanwhile, many former DSP-RSP members maintain some or all of the political perspectives of that tradition (whether or not they are currently active in other groups).

Red Ant was set up by some of those who view the anti-imperialist Marxism of the DSP-RSP as crucial to re-building a revolutionary socialist movement in Australia today. We aim to preserve the richest historical experiences and lessons from years of organising. We also aim to re-group those who seek a collective framework for rebuilding something new out of the DSP-RSP tradition and out of the increasing radicalisation driven by capitalism’s multiple crises today.

What does red-ant.org publish?
Red Ant publishes on a range of subjects. These include defence, critique or discussion of the historical positions, campaigns and experiences of the DSP-RSP tradition. We also seek new original contributions that apply the Marxism of the DSP-RSP to contemporary issues. We publish reportage, reviews or other contributions of general interest to Marxists and radicals today.

The editors of red-ant.org are not members of any existing socialist group, however the site does run contributions from those who are. We also run articles by younger or new socialists that may not even be familiar with the DSP-RSP tradition. Not all material reflects the editors’ views, either together or individually.
The editors are:
Sam King
Max Lane (www.maxlaneonline.com)

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You can find links to some key documents from the DSP-RSP history here.
A dedicated DSP-RSP archive site will soon be set up on its own domain.

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